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Triangle Recruitment


We are a Hong Kong based recruitment professional company that connects companies and candidates to their success.

Triangle Recruitment is talented with over 30 years of recruitment experience combined in our team and is no doubt one of the most experienced in the local market.

Our Believe

Our core value holds with our passion. Our passion comes from becoming your partner, your friend, someone who understands your needs and wants. Our drive comes from the success we bring you, feeling that we are worthwhile. We believe that services drives connections and that is what we are good at, we avoid time-wasting, misunderstandings and confusions.

Our Mission

Being the middle person of 2 parties is never easy. We are proud to become one of your partners that brings the right professional to employers and the right career to candidates. Through the connection process, we help companies to collect, select and interview the large amount of applications to process data for finding the best candidate. On the other hand, we understand the needs and wants from a candidate to match with their desired career.

How we work
  • We do not force

  • We do not sell

  • We do not waste you time

  • We are always here to help with what we can.

Want to find out more? Talk to us.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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